Creating Happy and Healthy Smiles
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Welcome to LAMBERT + Co.

NEW PATIENT SPECIAL - $99 - Includes Exams and X-rays


Holistic, Preventative, Cosmetic, and Stress-Free Dentistry for Adults and Children

LAMBERT + Co. is a unique practice whose philosophies of dental treatment and patient care stem from Holistic and Preventative Medicine.

Our Mission is to educate and provide superior dental care to our community. We are passionate about improving the oral health of our patients. We strive to achieve a healthy, functional, and attractive smile for all of our patients, all within a caring and compassionate environment. We command ourselves to stay at the top of our field in disease prevention, holistic remedies, as well as conservative and minimally invasive treatment options. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our patients and enable them to become part of our exclusive family at LAMBERT + Co.

A Letter from Dr. Lambert & Associates:

Throughout our education and practice, we have realized an unfortunate truth: Our society does not place enough value on our oral health. The fact of the matter is that our oral health is directly correlated to our systemic health.

Consider this?
The cleanliness of our mouth and teeth is arguably more important than the cleanliness of our hair and nails. Yet, our society tends to place more value on our hair and nail maintenance than on the maintenance of our oral and therefore systemic health.

We have always said:
“If we are willing to make regular visits to the nail or hair salon, why would we not make regular visits to maintain the health or cleanness of our teeth? We are able to naturally replace our hair and our nails, but no matter how much we try, nor how much you wish, there is no natural replacement for our teeth.“

The largest obstacle to maintaining our oral health and keeping regular hygiene appointments has been our own selves. As a society we undervalue our oral health.

We made the decision to invest in our teeth by having regular monthly professional cleanings, and we have stayed cavity-free. Deep cleanings maintain healthy teeth and gums, and vitamin treatments reverse small cavities, prevent future cavities, and keep teeth stronger in general. The investment in our oral health has paid off tremendously. We do not have any major dental treatment needs as a result.

For some perspective, a year of monthly professional hygiene appointments adds up to less than what we would pay for ONE crown on just ONE tooth.

Truthfully, our maintenance hygiene appointments take about 15-20 minutes because they are frequent, which means hour-long dental cleanings are history!

We are so adamant about our philosophy that we decided to make regular monthly maintenance hygiene appointments accessible to all of our patients through a practice membership program.

Our philosophy on the importance of oral hygiene maintenance has helped us, and our hope is that it can help you too! We look forward to seeing you soon!